Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ready For The New Year

      Here I am again, another month out since my last post.  I'm so ashamed...

      The holiday rush coupled with the usual pressures of life really whooped my butt this year, but emerging from all of it I feel a renewed energy and am ready to tackle the new year with reckless abandon.

      Eh, okay, maybe not so reckless.  More like calculated and carefully thought out, but I have a plan of attack, don't you doubt it.

      For starters, I'll be aiming for a minimum of one blog post a week.  An active blog is a happy blog, right?  (Not to mention it's more likely to be read.)  I'll also be finishing up a number of design ideas for my shop on Zazzle, along with doing a full store revamp with a new banner, new products, and a new name.

Niki's Digital Art
You'll soon be saying "bye bye" to Digital Whimsy and hello to

      For anyone who has visited my Crated shop, you'll be happy to know there's a new animal themed painting with prints available for purchase.  You can check it out here.

      There are a few more projects in the works, but I'll save that for another post (and there will be another post soon).  Stay tuned and Happy New Year!


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