Sunday, May 22, 2016

Doodley Do #2 - Cookie the Goldfish

    I love goldfish.  They're dirty, messy little guys, but they're so darn cute swimming and waddling through the water.  They can live for twenty plus years, and did you know they can get anywhere from 8 inches to over a foot in length?  That's about as big as a football!

    Sadly, many of these cute little waddling footballs don't get the chance to grow up.  As pets they are often kept in unsuitable conditions due to lack of knowledge or straight up indifference.  That's why for today's Doodley Do, I've decided to create Cookie.

*Insert Sarah Mclachlan song*

    So next time you're thinking about getting that cute little goldfish, remember Cookie.  Do your research, get a proper sized fish tank, and make that goldfish happy you found him.

    *Blub blub*  Thanks for reading.