Thursday, February 25, 2016

Still Alive and Working On Lots of Fun Stuff.

      A quick post today because I haven't done one in over a month (so much for new year's resolutions).

      Been working on an overhaul for my Zazzle shop the past two months and have gotten pretty far.  The grand opening of the revamped shop is coming soon.  I've been focusing a lot on what I do best: cute animals.

      When I went to school I studied illustration, particularly because I love story telling and I love creating artwork for children (I'm too much of a child myself to do otherwise), so I've been focusing on creating a line of designs for children's clothing.  Today's most recent addition is this little gem below.

Sweet Pea Ruffle Tee
Sweet Pea Ruffle Tee by Digimals
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      I've also finished my zodiac images, and in addition to my sweet pea design, there's a few more children's themed art coming up. Stay tuned for the store launch, and another post.  I will get better at this blogging thing, I promise.